The Annual Innovation Conclave – RIDE22

The 20th century has witnessed more massive changes than all the centuries together. The strata of innovation have undergone a transformation from associating with specific to a world where the search for ‘newness’ is not only for new products. Planning and implementing the new ideas, processes, and systems across the entire span of their operations until the final execution.

The centre focus of the conclave is to instill the idea of Entrepreneurship amongst the students, THE ANNUAL INNOVATION CONCLAVE – RIDE22. standing eminently on the four pillars of RESEARCH, INNOVATION, DESIGN, ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The conclave will recognize individuals & encourage the scaling up of ground-breaking innovations. Discuss, encourage, motivate, and nurture Innovations and talent across the globe. It will help Students to Create Breakthrough Innovations & Futuristic Directions. It also assesses new ideas and approaches along with tangible results.

Innovation is not constraint to the industry; every field and domain has the capabilities of Innovative & thought-provoking Ideas that will later implement into Entrepreneurship. For four days, 100 stalls with various innovative start-ups are set-up on the campus along with several recreational activities.

Innovation drives growth and helps address social challenges. Innovation mitigates climate change, advances sustainable development, and promotes social cohesion.

The world is moving at a break-neck & such exhilarating things are evolving over the world in the dynamics of research and innovation. Young minds have started exploring different domains & are creatively envisaging research to the entrepreneurship chain. The future generation has realized the pathway of creating the business and are extracting & implementing the formula of Mind to Market and Paper-Product.

‘Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not as a threat’ – Steve Jobs