Contribution in Research for the year 2020-2022 of Dr. Milind Pande, Professor, MIT World Peace University, Pune, Bharat

Sr. No Title of Paper/Book Chapter   Date of Publication Scopus ID/ ORCID ID:/ Researchers ID/DOI Name of Journal/ Conference/Venue/book series Book/Journal Quartiles Scopus Type
1 Study of Personnel concerns of MSME’s in Pune, India May 2021 Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education Q4 in 2020 Indexed in 2020 Paper
2 A Global Management Guru for Developing Positive Thinking Mindset – Shri.Samarth Ramdas Swami March 2020 Solid State Technology Q4 Index Paper
3 Advertising and Ethical Theories -A Comparative Study of Select Campaigns March 2020 International Journal of Procurement Management Q3 Index Paper
4 SIRIUS: “Towards User-Centric Information Retrieval” March 2020 Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series. Q3 Index Book Chapter
5 Formation characteristics of dark solitons in photorefractive crystals having both linear and quadratic electro-optic effect simultaneously Oct 2023 Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series. Q2 Index Paper